Haikyuu!! Mascots and more



Haikyuu might be a sports anime but it has tons of comedy in it which makes it very enjoyable in my opinion. The Karasuno High team is a special blend of stern characters, geniuses, over-excited puppies, and friends who are practically parents. Yet this isn’t the only team that is displayed. We sometimes get episodes that delve into their opponent’s interactions and their own ideologies. We even see some of their fierce rivals become their friends!

Like this crew:


And these guys:


Oh! A cool thing I should probably tell you guys is the team’s animal personifications. During really intense times when two teams first meet or they have a face off before the game, there are cuts to animals facing off. These animals are usually based on the personalities of the team, their style, or even their team’s name.

Nekoma for example, are the cats. This is because of their quick fluid movements as a team but it’s also a pun! Neko in Japanese means cat so BOOM! You got a mascot kids.


I’ll keep the others a secret so you can be pleasantly surprised by the anime, wouldn’t want to spoil everything. If you would like to watch Haikyuu!! click here or here.


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