Shirayuki-hime, Characters


I’m usually not too fond of children in anime. They’re usually depicted as either very selfish, sickeningly sweet, or just giant balls of energy that will not stop for anything. I usually find myself glaring at these shallow stereotypes until the main character returns.

However, in Shirayuki-hime, we have a lovely exception. Above is Ryuu, and believe it or not this kid is one of the king’s herbalist. And get this: he’s a shy kid who understands plants better than he understands most people. But that doesn’t mean he’s a cold genius, far from it.

He notices things about people and subtly tries to help them in any way he can. He spends most of his time in the green houses and the gardens but there are quite a few appearances in the show so he’s not just tucked away in a corner forever.


He’s a pretty cute kid, no? Definitely little brother material.


If you want to see more of this munchkin, click here.


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