Fairy Tail, Celestial Mage Explanation


Alright, so, the title says it all. This post will help you out a bit with the whole celestial mage background.

So for starters magic is real in this universe. It comes in various flavors, fire, a dash of cinnamon, warm for a winter’s night, you get the idea. If you can think it, there’s probably a mage out there that can do it which makes for some VERY interesting episodes might I add.

Right, back to the point. Celestial Mages.

So our dear Lucy Heartfilia above is a celestial mage. Celestial mages work with keys which can unlock gates. The main idea is that you use these keys to bring out celestial spirits of the respective keys.

Now this is where things get slightly complex.


So, gold keys are more valuable than silver keys.

Some of the most valuable keys are those of the 12 zodiacs. That’s right. We’re talking Aquarius.




And so on.

But there are also random spirits created by the author like this little dude.


[By the way, if you really want to wow someone with some nerdy knowledge this little guy is actually a hat tip to another work by this author. He’s originally in Rave Master which was published as manga from 1999-2005 there’s an anime out of it that’s 51 episodes long (I haven’t seen it) HOWEVER I did finish the 296 chapter long anime. It was a long summer…It was good at least.]

When a celestial mage first uses a key to unlock a spirit they hash out the grounds of their contract. This can grant advantages to both parties and makes some relationships a bit more complex.

Usually (with a few exceptions), the celestial mage must physically touch their keys and turn it to unlock the spirit. No key turn, no spirit.

This is why one of the greatest weakness a celestial mage has is having their keys taken away which makes them helpless unless they’re good fighters.

Ok, well, I feel like you should have a decent grasp on celestial mages now.

For more information about Fairy Tail click here. For those curious about Rave Master click here, again I can’t vouch for that anime but the manga is good.


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