Fairy Tail, Erza Scarlet


Let me tell you about my girl Erza Scarlet.  She’s an S class mage which pretty much means she’s insanely strong and can wipe the floor in seconds.

As you can probably tell, she has a knight design. Again. SUPER huge weakness of mine, I love knight characters.

But being a knight and being strong is not all Erza has going on.

She’s hilarious, you would think she would be serious 24/7 but she’s easily one of the funniest characters in the anime.

She’s also very compassionate, and kind. She has a pretty tragic backstory but it doesn’t hinder her, in fact, it’s what makes her strong.

On a lighter note, she puts Natsu and Gray in their places. She’s the only one who can get them to behave.


Here’s some armor, I couldn’t help myself. (I restrained myself heavily so you have cool armor to look forward to)




Word of advice: don’t google her. There are spoilers EVERYWHERE THERE.

Instead, just watch the anime by clicking here. Or, you know, read it. You do you buddy, you do you.




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