Dear, Only You Don’t Know: First


So let’s shift gears a bit shall we. I have mostly been going over animes and that’s well and good but I feel like I’ve been ignoring manga a bit.

Sure, the animes I showed you are based on mangas (some follow the manga closer than others) but, you know, it’s not the same.

So this week’s recommendation is Dear, Only You Don’t Know (DOYDK)

(brackets hold basic manhwa reading information, if you know the basics, skip)

[Now, there is something special you should know about reading DOYDK, it’s Korean.

Technically, “manga” is used to address Japanese comics, the appropriate term in for Korean comics is “manhwa”.

So you might ask ok, “what’s the big deal”. Well, the thing is that we’re dealing with different cultures here. Japanese culture is different than that of Koreans and because of this there should be a distinction. Their titles of respect are different, what’s taboo in Korea may not be taboo in Japan, and well, it’s a different language.

Also, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to note that in manhwas, you read from left to right, not right to left like in mangas.]

DOYDK is a wonderful comedy. It follows the life of 5 different females who you are all interrelated in some way. It’s super cool to see the story unfold. Each story is top notch and guaranteed to make you laugh. I’m actually very surprised that this manhwa doesn’t have an anime yet, it 100% deserves it.

To be honest, I’m not sure how much background I should give you this go around, there are so many spoilers and nuances and I don’t know where a good point to stop would be.

So ok, if you would like to read more about this manhwa, click here.

I think I might just give mangas 1 post, there’s just so much that can be spoiled. I’ll make it up to you guys by reviewing some anime movies!



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