So, you like anime and the like right? Well, you don’t know anime until you watch a Miyazaki film.

They are the staples of the anime/manga community. Nearly everyone has at least seen one of his films.

Hayao Miyazaki is a jack of all trades and a master of all. He’s a director, a writer, animator, screen writer and more. If it has to do with the industry, he’s probably done it.

He’s whipped out masterpieces like

My Neighbor Totoro


Spirited Away


Princess Mononoke


Kiki’s Delivery Service


and my personal favorite, Howl’s Moving Castle


I can vouch for all of these movies and can tell you that they’re pretty awesome. Miyazaki just has a way of developing interesting characters and bringing them to life in their settings. These movies are all family friendly if you wish to watch them with small siblings or other tiny humans. Hmm, well, one character in Spirited Away might scare them, the others are pretty much safe.

Alright people, I need sleep. Tell me if you decide to watch any of these and your opinion.

To see a full list of Miyazaki’s works, click here.


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