Uta no Prince-sama, characters


Behold, these two weirdos. Alright, so to your left we have Ryuya and to your right you will see Ringo.

They’re teachers of Saotome Academy and they’re actually pretty famous by themselves.

Ryuya is best known for his acting. He’s the go-to guy when it comes to an amazing action movie with lots of stunts in it. He balances filming along with coaching the kids from his S class (which is made up of the most advanced students of the academy).

See? Intense.

On the other hand we have the bright and sparkling Ringo. Who has a secret that’s revealed in the first episode. But I won’t tell you what it is. Because I’m slightly evil.

At least you know now before it’s too late.

Ringo is an idol. She sings, dances, does variety shows, the whole shebang. She’s the teacher of the highest tier of the regular classes at Saotome Academy. Not quite S class, but definitely in the top percentile.


Yeah, I think they’re pretty cute together.

If you would like to watch this anime, click here.


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