Uta no Prince Sama, the elephant


Yes, I’ve been ignoring stating this. Mostly because most people jump to conclusions or don’t bother to listen once the phrase is said.

Uta no Prince-sama is a reverse harem.

I know, contain yourselves.

Is this some kind of insane R rated type of anime? No. Chill.

Once the word “harem” comes out, people usually give it a lot of negative connotations but it’s kinda different in anime/manga.

Reverse harem just means that there are a lot of possible partners for the main female character. It’s “reverse” because harems used to be more about having a central male character. Does this mean that the main character will go out with all of their possible significant others? No. Again, chill.

Honestly, this is mostly done to appeal to a wider audience. If there are more characters, there’s obviously a higher possibility for viewers to have a favorite and root for them.


And I must say, it works.

I have a few favorites. I don’t necessarily want the main character to end up with them, I just like their personalities and how they change throughout the series.

If you want to learn move about this series click here, if you want to start watching the anime click here.



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