Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Intro


If this manga/anime has taught me anything it’s this: phrasing is very important. Also, some people are thicker than concrete and you have to slam them over the head with what you mean instead of dropping hints.

this idiotDon’t worry about the giant dolt, he deserved that.

Ahem, back to the post.


So we have little Sakura, little as in she’s short. Look at her. Come on! The dude beside her? Oh, that’s Nozaki-kun. This like in the top three list of manga/anime that will ALWAYS make me laugh, no matter how crummy I’m feeling.

Sakura likes Nozaki-kun and unlike other stories where it takes forever for the main characters to ask the other out, this one begins with that scene. I feet that it’s kinda refreshing to see a different approach taken. So what does Nozaki do? Well he thinks that she’s saying that she really loves his manga. THAT’S RIGHT. This anime/manga is META. It’s an manga serialist writing about a character that’s a manga serialist. HOW COOL IS THAT? Well, don’t worry it’s not boring at any point and the side characters and their shenanigans will make you laugh until there are tears in your eyes.

You might have to explain to some people that no, you are not sad, it’s just that you’ve been watching/reading some quality stuff.

I mean look, this is how they end their first episode:

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.40.04 PMI, too, love yelling facts at the sky.

If you wish to watch this amazing show click here, if you want to learn about more about it click here.


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