Nozaki-kun, Hori and Kashima


Man these two have one unique relationship (Hori is on the left and Kashima is on the right). Hori is the president of the drama club and Kashima, although she’s the girl, has the title of “prince”. She mostly acts out the male lead parts for plays, she can be quite charming.


You see that crowd? Just a small number of Kashima’s fans.

Anyways, on one hand, Hori and Kashima adore each other, on the other they don’t understand each other at all. Hori also loses his temper with Kashima  in seconds. I mean…look.

eternalspin252125212521 tumblr_inline_nrmucfxzdj1txlwvy_500


To be fair, Hori only does it when Kashima is being an idiot. Then again that’s pretty much all the time.

It may also be due to Hori’s annoyance over the fact that he’s a bit short but Kashima doesn’t help matters.


Ok, they don’t fight all the time. Hori is actually just looking out for Kashima most of the time. He makes sure she’s on time to practice, doesn’t skip out early, and makes sure he has quality scripts for her to act out for the theatre club.


Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 12.00.53 AM

Yeah, they’re just weird, but I love them to bits.


Ok, if you would like to watch this anime, click here. If you want to learn more about it click here.


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