Attack on Titan, Intro


Ok. Let’s be serious this time. I would recommend this anime however, there are MANY warnings. If you don’t like blood, do not watch this manga. If you don’t want to see gore and death, do not watch this manga. If you want to watch something uplifting DO NOT WATCH THIS MANGA.

Do not watch this with little humans or any of your easily scared friends or acquaintances or whatever.

Alright, now that we’re done with the warnings let me tell you a bit about Attack on Titan.

Do you ever wonder how the world would look if they advanced in only some very specific ways and stayed in the medieval times in everything else? Well, that’s Attack on Titan for you.


We have Eren, our main character. Is he 100% loveable: no. This kid can be a total idiot and not even a haha idiot, you will literally want to use him as a moving target later. Anyways, this dude lives with his parents and his sister Mikasa Ackerman.


Mikasa is the real MVP here. You might want to punch Eren in the face sometimes but Mikasa is strong, cool headed, capable, and smart. She is pretty much the boss and very impressive.

Everything is nice and ok until we are introduced to Titan. Now what are Titans? Think less of Greek myths and more along the lines of giant human-esque cannibals. Sometimes they just look like pure muscle. It gets weird ok?

I must say this is a very brief explanation but it’s really hard to dodge spoilers here. I’m going to fill you in more on the settings and some characters on the next posts to make up for that.

If you want to watch Attack on Titan click here, if you wish to learn more click here. Be wary of spoilers!



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