Fullmetal Alchemist Into


Ok, I’m gonna be honest with you guys. The first two episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA) and Brotherhood (B) kinda blur together in my mind.

They’re just so similar!

[Well, it’s because the manga was actually followed and the biggest change was animation and a few plot points. BUT STILL.

I’m sorry. I meant to marathon a few episodes of both but I got swamped with econ work. ]

Anyways, FMA/B is pretty good.

Do you wish alchemy could be real? Watch this show. Do you like stories that progress in a way that actually develops characters and makes you really connect with them? Watch this show (go for brotherhood, it’s longer). Do you want something that will make you laugh? eh, well, watch this show?

It’s pretty funny but man, some parts will rip your heart to pieces. It gets pretty savage.

Ok, vague I know, but you will thank me later. Now, let me give you more information for the beginning.


Ok, so in the gif above we have the Elric brothers. To the left we have Edward (Ed) and to the right we have Alphonse (Al). Yes, he’s inside that metal armor. Kind of.

Both Elric brothers can do alchemy and as you medieval fans might know, alchemy is all about equivalent exchange. They don’t really go for the whole ‘turning things into gold’ shtick.

So in order to do alchemy, you usually need a transmutation circle, the base ingredients or exchange for something, and that alchemy spark that not everyone possesses.

BUT, there are legends of the philosopher’s stone. Now you might ask ‘what’s the philosopher’s stone’?


The philosopher’s stone is a theoretical way to bypass the equivalent exchange rule in alchemy.

So yeah, the holder would have little to no bars on their requests.

That is what these two brothers are after. Why? Well, my friend, that would spoil everything. You’re just gonna have to watch to find out shortly.


No one is calling you short Ed.

Sorry, he does that sometimes. He’s sensitive and small, it happens.


Sure, ok.

If you would like to watch this anime click here for Brotherhood and click here for Fullmetal Alchemist. If you would like to learn more, click here.


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