Fullmetal Alchemist: Riza Hawkeye



Oh man, let me tell you about the real MVP of Fullmetal Alchemist.

This is Riza Hawkeye and boy, does she slay.

She’s literally the only reason why the military hasn’t crashed or buildings haven’t been lit on fire.


Mostly because of this guy.

Oh, Roy. Well, I guess whenever Lieutenant Riza’s mentioned so should Colonel Roy Mustang.

They go way back, so much that we would reach the realms of spoiler land if I keep going.

Anyways, Riza might be Roy’s second but man, she is literally the brains of the op sometimes. Roy just needs to chill sometimes.

These two are part of the State Military and their goal is to protect the land, the usual. But there is alchemy involved.

As you saw above, Roy’s ability is fire so you might ask, what’s Riza’s speciality?

Well, her name is not Hawkeye for no reason man. She’s great with handhelds but she excels with sniper shots.



In close, Riza is amazing. She is loyal to a fault and boy she will make you want to cry so hard later.

Mea culpa.

If you would like to learn more click here. If you want to watch Brotherhood click here, for Fullmetal Alchemist click here.



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