Seven Deadly Sins, Ban


Ok, this is slightly spoilery so don’t read if you’re extremely against spoilers.

I can’t lie, Ban is my favorite deadly sin.

I mean look at the dude.


He’s such an idiot sometimes. Ok, no not really. He acts very aloof most of the time but then a switch flicks and he’s 100% serious.

He has been through a lot of stuff and I honestly just want to give the poor guy some soup and let him nap while I stand on guard against anyone who would dare to wake him up.

It’s also a bonus that he resembles a fox in his nature and powers. He’s a devious little (well tall) guy who can bring out the best and the worst in people. It’s just interesting to see what he will do to be honest.

Oh! He can also cook!


Cooking is a pretty great character quality if you ask me.

He’s  also fiercely loyal, although you may find that it is not always clear where his loyalties lie or who they belong to.

Alright, I feel like that’s as far as I can go without me just telling you everything.

To learn more about this guy, watch on Netflix. May you find a good friend with a password to lend. You can also click here for more information.


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