Seven Deadly Sins, Magic


Ok, I have been pretty vague about the whole magic thing here so I feel like I should be a bit more specific. Not everyone has magic but those that do are holy knights.

It is also unknown what exactly brings out a holy knight’s power, it’s an individual thing. Everyone is unique and all that. Yet, it is important to note that these powers are not unlimited and have their flaws. Even that of the Seven Deadly Sins which are ridiculously powerful. Like, just truly overkill at times (but I personally like that).

Alright below this is the holy knight Gilthunder (yes I believe that is a pun in there, the writer is pretty awesome) and his magic power is lightning.


Check him out. That strawberry haired pain in everyone’s side. This dude, man, this dude. You just need to watch to understand my pain.

Here’s a better shot of him charging up his power.



Magic powers can be offensive or defensive and there are some who use it more like you would expect a wizard would. I too am annoyed at how vague the whole ‘find the magic within yourself’ process is but hey, at least it’s worth it for the good fight battles.

Like I said in the intro these holy knights belong to kingdoms. Their role is to defend their kingdom but some have broken the oath they took to protect their land.

Just trust me and go out and watch this.

Oh! By the way, keep your eyes open for puns in the anime or just little foreshadowing things. The author and animators have fun with those.

If you would like to learn more about this anime click here.


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