Ouran High School Host Club, favorite duo

*Slightly spoilery, read with caution*

This anime has some awesome pairings that make their individual interactions great, but personally, I think that the Honey-Mori dynamic is the best.

I mean look at these two cuties.


Mori is the perfect older brother stand in for Honey and Honey would make the most adorable little brother.

But what makes this duo truly great is how competent they are on their own. I mean, everyone expects Mori to be the protector but Honey can fend for his own too.


In fact, an angry Honey sempai is one of the most dangerous things in the world.

It’s actually also pretty fun to see Mori and Honey look after one another. Even though they’re so different, they fit so well together.


Mori is all tall, mature, and caring and Honey is a bit spoiled, and sweet, and adorable. So in the end they’re just the best duo, at least for me.

So if you want to see more of these cuties, click here. If you want to learn more about this anime click here.



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