Ouran High School Host Club, Favorite Things

So, it should come to no surprise to any of you that this anime is hilarious and cute. They are of course, my two favorite things in anime apart from the action/medieval/knights shtick that I keep throwing around.

One of the things that I love the most about this anime is the fun atmosphere that they have, specially in their theme episodes.

I mean look at this!


This is from the Alice In Wonderland episode! Everyone played a different character in this episode and I must say, they were all on point. The Halloween episode was also very fun!


Oh my, the costumes! They’re always so well planned and they look so great on them!

ooooh, I lied, there are knights in this anime, but just for a second, check it out.


Gotta love these dorks.

And, Haruhi is always so darn cute! I specially loved the episode when the club Haruhi’s house!


There are just so many things to love and Haruhi is such a sarcastic and sassy character that one can’t help but love!

Ok, I feel like I should go before I ramble anymore.

If you feel like watching this amazing anime, click here. If you’re unsure and want to learn more before committing 20 minutes to an episode, click here.


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