Bleach, Chad


Now, I can state the obvious and tell you about how amazing Ichigo is and how much I love the stupid strawberry child but I won’t. I want to talk to you about Chad.

Chad is amazing. He is the strong/tall/silent type of dude and he’s Ichigo’s best friend.

AND HE’S HISPANIC. Oh man, I can’t tell you enough how hard it is to find someone who’s tan in any way in anime/manga. It makes it so hard to cosplay.

I digress, Chad is loyal to a fault. He will take care of you if you’re in need. He is an amazing friendly giant that is too good for this world.

Look at him protecting his friends!


He’s pretty much my ideal best friend and boy do I wish this dude was real. I could ramble forever and he would just hum and nod, but he would actually care and listen intently.

Everyone deserves a bro like Chad.

If you would like to watch Bleach click here, if you would like to learn more click here.


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