Bleach, Intro


No my friends, I am not going to tell you how to do your laundry in this post. Let me tell you, it was so hard to talk about Bleach in middle school because everyone around me and my friends thought we were discussing the best mode of washing our white clothing.

No kiddos, we are here to talk about Bleach, the anime/manga that made me seriously start reading manga for the first time.

This series is what made me truly a manga fan and fed my impatience when animes were too slow and I wanted to know what would happen in the next episode immediately (as long as the anime followed the manga but that’s a whole other issue).

Bleach is about out Ichigo Kurosaki, a normal high school student just being a normal guy, ok that’s a lie. He sees ghosts and he’s pretty nice to them. His problems just get compounded when he meets Rukia Kuchiki.

You see, Rukia is a very interesting person cause she’s a soul reaper. That’s right a soul reaper. Her main job is to send souls to the afterlife and fight hollows (spirits that turn evil and into these monsters).


(not all hollows look like this, they come in tons of shapes, sizes, and designs)

Anyways, hollows start becoming visible to our dear Ichigo and well you guessed it (probably). They start coming after him.

Why? What does he do? What happens man?

Click here to watch, click here if you want to learn more

BEFORE YOU BEGIN, I feel like I should warn you, this is a monster series. Pun 100% intended. Right now there are over 300 episodes out and over 600 manga chapters out.

If you’re asking, ‘dude, are you up to date on this?’ haha haha, no. I got pissed at an arc at about episode 120 something. However, if you want to give it a shot, it’s pretty good.

Ichigo is a true mvp and there are some cool things at play in this series.


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