Bleach, Zanpakutō *spoilers*


Because you clicked on here, something that’s marked as spoilers, I’m going to assume that you’ve watched at least one or two seasons of Bleach so I won’t explain some of the words used because you guys should probably know them by now.

Zanpakutōs  are one of the coolest things about this anime. I love the way that the captains wield them and the way their powers manifest themselves through them and of course, their bankai. When I first saw Renji’s zabimaru I was floored. Oh my gosh, dudes, when it first came out I could only gape at the screen.

So below I’m going to list in no particular order some of my favorite bankais. (Again, I must stress that I only got up to about episode 120ish so don’t come yelling at me if something about these change or if there are some cooler ones mentioned later on)

Dragons and ice, need I say more?


Soi Fon is pretty cool too


Plus, Renji gets a cool jacket



It’s pretty obvious to say that I’m into the deadly beauty aesthetic when it comes to bankais.

Alright, if you wanna watch Bleach again or some more click here. I’m really tired fam, gotta get some work done.


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