Bros, dudes, homies, take your pick. They’re there for you for whatever the occasion and whatever the outcome may be.

These two dudes are pretty much representative of bro-friendship.

Soul (right) and Blackstar (left) are amazing fighters. And stupid, gosh are they stupid. Together, they’re stupid².

They shouldn’t really be left to themselves and we should all thank heavens they have Maka and Tsubaki to keep them from ending the world.

Check this out (it sounds more ridiculous in english)

We should all thank Death the Kid for ending that.

In all seriousness, when they are truly needed to help at the end of the day Blackstar and Soul can be relied on.

Specially if they’re on the same team. You can at least trust that something will blow up or something will be beat into submission.

If you would like to see these fools click here, if you would like to learn more click here.


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