Souleater, Intro


Ahhh, Souleater, such an old friend of mine.

I must say, before I begin, read the manga. It’s so much better than the anime–which isn’t terrible–but it’s not as good as the manga.

This review is going to be of the anime so there are less confusions down the road, ok? ok.

Also, please watch this subbed, unless you really really reALLY want the dubs. I wouldn’t recommend it but whatever, you do you my friend.

Moving on, Souleater is a pretty awesome anime.

We have a special school of students that are Meisters or Weapons.

Yes, there are those in this school that can turn into weapons and those who can wield them.


The tricky part is finding your partner or someone you can mesh well with because if your auras aren’t right for each other the whole meister-weapon relationship isn’t going to work.

These duos go out in the world to make sure people are safe. These students face against forces of evil, for example, Jack the Ripper.

At the end of each fight, the successful weapon eats the soul of their target. In order to have the God of Death title, the pair must collect 99 souls and one of a witch.

That’s where we find our main characters Maka and Soul.

To watch this anime click here, for more information click here.



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