Fruits Basket, Favorite Friend Group


I think that Ayame, Hatori, and  Shigure had a real shot at being my favorite but there is just one thing I love more.

Protecting Tohru, the most precious cinnamon roll. Too good, too pure for this world.

So, because of this, I must say I really love Hana, Arisa, and Tohru’s dynamic.

Hana and Arisa would beat someone up without a second thought if someone laid a hand on Tohru.

Well, Hana’s protecting would have to be a little more, well, less physical.

She has this psychic/electric thing going on that scares some people to death.


Arisa can obviously take care of herself:


Other than that, they’re always looking out for Tohru.

They’ve known her for a really long time and they want her to be happy. It’s honestly one of the healthiest friend relationships I have seen in an anime. They cover for one other, they support each other, and they watch each other grow and they approve of positive change.


If you would like to watch, click here. If you would like to learn more, click here.


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