Fruits Basket, Kyo

I know I haven’t talked about the Sohmas much, but I really do love them.

Specially Kyo, he’s my favorite.

I mean look at this sullen idiot.


He’s a bit snappy at first, but when he warms up to you he’s very loyal. (Although he won’t admit that he’s fond of you)

Another plus about Kyo: KITTIES! They pop up out of thin air when he’s being emotional, it’s amazing!!


That’s a total win if you ask me.

Well, that, and he’s really a character you want to look after. He’s been through a lot as a kid and he’s trying to change his situation but it’s a pretty hard challenge.

He’s a character you can’t help but love and support. I really admire his tenacity.

I mean, he literally trained in THE MOUNTAINS to become a better fighter (for a reason that I won’t tel you). He’s strong and has rugged edges but he’s also a pretty likeable guy. Mostly because everyone sees through his annoyance and knows that he cares about them.


I also think it’s cute that he hates leeks, but hey that’s just me I guess.


If you would like to watch this anime click here. If you would like to learn more click here.


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